Robust, adaptable, and autonomous platforms for surface water operations

Our mission is to simplify data collection in surface water environments, and provide technologies that gather data more efficiently, more thoroughly, and more affordably than possible before.


Our small-scale autonomous boats are designed to be adaptable to many applications. Attach your sensor or payload to it to easily gather data with less manpower than ever before. Below are just a few examples of possible applications:

Water quality

Autonomously map water quality without a crew or boat.


Have an autonomous boat perform transects and operate in shallower water than previously possible.


Safely investigate hazardous sites and precisely maneuver in cluttered environments.


Remotely keep watch and patrol critical infrastructure.

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Our autonomous boat

Click here to learn more about our production model, designed to be flexible enough to carry a variety of payloads, allowing an end-user to use one platform for many different applications.

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Our services

Learn about our services, including consulting, design, fabrication, and automation. Want a pushbutton solution for your data collection task? We can help.

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