MR1 Portable, versatile, and durable.


The MR1 is an advanced and highly capable surface vehicle designed to do it all. The catamaran configuration provides ample room in the center of the craft for mounting a payload without sacrificing stability of the platform.

Built from 5052-H32 Aluminum, the MR1 is lightweight while also offering unparalleled durability. It can easily be transported, set up, and deployed by just one person.

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Automate your tasks by using Mission Planner to set GPS waypoints for the vehicle to follow.


Designed to be used. The aluminum construction will withstand harsh environments without weighing you down.


Easily collect data in bodies of water that are difficult to access with a boat.


Side-mounted differential thrusters allow for operating in shallow waters, and provide extreme maneuverability.


MR1 Performance specifications
top speed 4.0 kts / 2.0 m/s
battery endurance 6 hours
payload 25 lbs. / 12 kg
length 34 in. / 86 cm
weight 35 lbs. / 16 kg

Demo video - manually controlled

The above video demonstrates the MR1 operating under manual control mode, with an operator commanding it over remote control.

Demo video - autonomous motion

The above video demonstrates the MR1 operating autonomously, travelling to a series of GPS waypoints programmed using Mission Planner. The forward speed and turning radius can also be specified by the operator.

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